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The Equinix Marketplace

Welcome to the Equinix Marketplace - an easy to use site that helps Equinix customers connect with each other to find the services they need to grow their businesses. The Marketplace gives you the ability to leverage Equinix's rich customer-and-partner ecosystems, global footprint and state-of-the art data centers to reach customers and generate growth.

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Seller Benefits

The Equinix Marketplace is a gateway to highly-qualified leads in the locations where you conduct business globally.

  • Showcase your company in your own customized storefront
  • Connect with highly-qualified buyers in your IBX locations, in your addressable market
  • A no-cost, value-added service

Buyer Benefits

The Equinix Marketplace is a gateway to highly-qualified providers found in the locations where you want to do business.

  • Connect with business-critical partners globally
  • Quickly locate and connect to suppliers with the right services in the right locations
  • Reduce time-to-market to integrate new partners and suppliers

Search through thousands of providers

With over 9,500 companies in Platform Equinix, you need an easy way to discover potential suppliers, customers and partners. The Equinix Marketplace provides powerful search and business applications to find and connect with companies that will fuel your growth on the digital edge.

The most networked IBX data centers

With the world’s digital innovators all using Platform Equinix, the Marketplace is the first place you look to identify best-in-class suppliers. Choosing providers that are already located near you will help reduce network spending, increase the performance and efficiency of your digital supply chain.

Your gateway to revenue growth

Accelerate your business growth today by connecting with your addressable market—buyers located in Equinix ecosystems who are members of the Equinix Marketplace. This is a no-cost, value-added service to Equinix customers that allows you to expand your business and sell more products and services.