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Success at the Digital Edge

In the digital economy, successful businesses compete at the digital edge.

Platform Equinix™ provides an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ strategy for business enterprises and IT providers to optimize connectivity with their customers.

The Marketplace opens up the gateway to leverage this interconnection-first, IOA™ strategy by enabling buyers and sellers to easily find and connect with each other in over 44 markets around the world.

Connect with the Best Providers

It is increasingly important to locate and integrate best-in-class providers to reduce complexity, costs, and time-to-market for network connectivity, IT services, SaaS and cloud applications across IT deployments.

  • Search for direct connections to thousands of companies in hundreds of verticals
  • Use business analytics apps to make strategic colocation and interconnection decisions
  • Reduce time-to-market to integrate new partners and suppliers

Get Your Company Noticed

Highlight your company's services in this customer-to-customer directory for Platform Equinix™. All Equinix customers, partners, and resellers can discover, connect, and promote their services to members of the Marketplace.

  • Showcase your company with a customized storefront
  • Connect with highly-qualified buyers in your IBX locations, for your target markets
  • A no-cost, lead generation opportunity

Strategic Interconnections

With the Matchmaker App you'll get transformative access to all your customers, locations, clouds and data. Allowing you to:

  • Target performance hubs in locations you are both deployed but not interconnected
  • Bring applications and services closer to your customers and start optimizing multi-cloud connectivity, enhancing security, and boosting performance
  • Delve into low effort, high return interconnection opportunities with your customers

Eva, Sales Director

Marketplace is key for connecting buyers and sellers, allowing Equinix customers, our prospects to easily identify where to connect with our company's IBX colocations. Plus, access to the free Matchmaker App, which analyzes our existing customer base, provides my team Colocation and Interconnection opportunities to pursue.

Ike, Cloud Architect

My MSP company was looking for a cross connection to a provider in Toronto, but after seeing the results of a Marketplace interconnection opportunity report, we signed up for the Equinix Reseller program and got set up on Performance Hub and Cloud Exchange. Marketplace is helping us generate a ton of business!

Amar, BizDev Manager

My company provides a variety of Network Services in multiple locations on the Equinix Platform. Now that our storefront is completely customized, the RFPs and RFQs we receive from prospects are yielding more business. Free high quality leads delivered to us from customers finding us via Marketplace search!